Enjoy our variety of Christ-Centered music! Here is a list of some of our groups and artists:

College Groups

West Coast Baptist College
Golden State Baptist College
Heartland Bible Baptist College
Crown College
Pensacola Christian College
Grace Baptist College
Hyles Anderson College


Abigail Miller
Alvin Martinez
David Snider
Gayle Russ
Susan McGill
Tim Knutson
Amanda Montepeque
Shannon Knox

Trios, Quartets and Groups

The Tharp Brothers
The Hooker Family
Ed Russ and the Old Fashioned Quartet
The Hutson Sisters
The Hamilton Family
The Kings Trio
The Steadfast Quartet


Ron Hamilton
Rejoice Singers
Mac Lynch and Tim Fisher
The Wilds
The Herbster Trio
Lois and India
Steve Petit Evangelistic Team
Lancaster Baptist Church


David Chamberlain
Karm Richie
Majesty Brass
Hamilton and Hamilton
Amy Herbster
Mike Zachary
Victorious Strings
The Van Gelderen Family